Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Country Living - The Aftermath!

Me looking pensive!
Well, finally it is all over after months of making and prep and, even though it has been a 2 weeks since returning from the big smoke, I am still shattered!  What an experience!  Would I repeat it????  Well, maybe, but I would definitely opt for a better stand position.  We decided to take up the offer of a reduced rate stand in the Newcomers hall (albeit a very small reduction), but the room was on the second floor and very dark and oppressive.  For 2 days there was very little air conditioning so it was like a sauna and we definitely suffered in terms of footfall.  The event was very well attended, hundreds of people but definitely aware of these penny pinching times.  Overall the event was worth doing, especially as there's been post event interest and I'm now selling on another hand made site (, but the 12 hour long days are definitely something I need to get into training for!
Rose looking exhausted!
Catherine doing a bit of selling
Catherine taking care of Vera!

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  1. Bet you were glad to get home, sounds exhausting, not sure I could cope with such long days any more!! Shame that the stand wasn't in the best area though, it seems like such a gamble as to where the stands are positioned as to what kind of footfall you will get at these shows, especially as they are all sooooooo expensive. I'm sure it will have raised your profile in lots of other ways too though! Must catch up some more soon, you sound like you're doing really well:) Jen xx